Fragrance for the Home

Discover our range of Essential Drops that effectively neutralise disagreeable smells using the finest blend of Essential Oils. Pop a few drops in your sink, basin, shower or loo to infuse not just your kitchen & bathroom but the whole of your home. Proudly Made in the UK.

Release a luxurious aroma and mask unpleasant odours with our Essential Drops, containing the finest blend of Essential Oils.

These Essential Drops emit a powerful, uplifting fragrance when added directly to the toilet bowl or hand basin, creating a film across the surface to contain unwanted odours. They can also be used to neutralise disagreeable smells in any areas where stagnant water gathers.

Simply dispense one pipette or 3-4 drops of your chosen Bathroom Aromatics into the toilet bowl after flushing. Try adding a few drops in the hand basin for a more intense aroma, additionally pop a few drops in a candle or an oil burner to infuse the whole of your home! 

Our Brand Promise

Artificial Ingredient Free

Without Alcohol, Parabens, SLS, Palm Oil, Artificial Fragrances or Mineral Oils.


We do not test any of our products or ingredients on animals.


We do not use any animal product, by-product or derivative.

Locally Produced

Proudly Made in the UK.