The Power of Essential Oils and Nature

Jul 21, 2020

Essential Oils have the ability to trigger emotional and mental responses from the brain as well as physical reactions within the body.

We can use them in all areas of our lives: to relax and sleep or to wake up and focus and we can’t forget the astounding efficacy that Essential Oils have within the skin. An Essential Oil is far more than just a smell; the healing effect can be mental, physical and emotional. 

Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful. A scent can bring back childhood memories, take us to a favourite pastime or make us think of summer sun; but some smells can actually improve our health and wellbeing. For thousands of years Essential Oils have been used not only to create a nice smell but also for their healing qualities and ability to positively impact our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our technologically advanced 21st century lifestyles are a far stretch from the roots and birthplace of Aromatherapy, which dates back to 18th Century Ancient Egypt. The world that we live in has developed and our environment evolved so much that our skin can at times react to this imbalance, unable to adapt to its surroundings.

From flights to front row, city life and stresses; this commercial, economic and social engine that powers our overloaded lifestyles can, in an instant, be thrown into disarray by the untold strength and power of nature, resulting in dramatic and unforeseen consequences.

Nature’s force is truly remarkable and to harness its power and strength within our lives, commodities and energy supplies will enable us to survive and adapt to our ever-changing environments; It’s all about readdressing the balance. As a consequence of both lifestyle and environmental factors, skin is not able to naturally adapt to its surroundings without the help of additional nutrients and active ingredients. As with a plant, skin requires Essential Oils, Plant Oils and Waxes, to assist in its ability to rebalance thus highlighting the importance and effectiveness Essential Oils can play in our lives today; they don’t just smell nice!

Disclaimer: Essential Drops are powerful Essential Oils and are not for use on the skin. For external use only.