Which Scent Are You?

Jul 20, 2020

Containing only the finest blend of pure Essential Oils, read on to find out more about the tantalising scents that make up the Essential Drops range.


Tangy, refreshing and juicy, Grapefruit Essential Oil is expressed from the peel of the fruit and is warmly comforting, brightening and rejuvenating your mood and emotions.


Kumquat Essential Oil is high in Limonene, which gives the oil its fresh, citrusy aroma and uplifting abilities. The wonderful aroma can help freshen a stale room and create a positive atmosphere whilst the scent is very energising and can help give you the boost you need. 


Ginger Essential Oil is stimulating and warming & has intense aromas that are often reminiscent of baking and other warm memories. Ginger Essential Oil earned its title as “the Oil of Empowerment” thanks to its ability to inspire confidence and self-awareness, while helping to eliminate fear and self-doubt.

Black Pepper

This warming oil has a spicy aroma and is a great way to relieve negative effects and symptoms of anxiety. When used aromatically, Black Pepper Essential Oil can help soothe tightened emotions.


This oil fragrance is the essence of a fresh, fruity pomegranate and adds an interesting combination of sweet and spice.


The scent profile of litchi is close to that of a very juicy grape, with a mild flavour that is aqueous, delicately rosy and temperately sweet. It is sweet, but subtle, refined and mild and lots of freshness like a fine fragrance.